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Surveying Equipment Hire

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measures wind speed. Use the anemometer to determine whether it is safe to use access equipment.



ZIPLEVEL® enables one person, working alone, to instantly set up and measure height differences or check levels over unlimited distances without the need for calculations. Unlike conventional levels, ZIPLEVEL® does not need line-of-sight so will work from room to room, floor to floor, in deep trenches and around any visual obstruction.

Use ZIPLEVEL® for:

  • Site preparation and excavation
  • Underground utilities
  • Bases, paths, kerbs, roadways
  • Fencing and decking
  • Topographical surveys
  • Landscaping and hardscaping
  • Pool and spa construction
  • Formwork setting
  • Footings and drainage

More ZIPLEVEL® product information can be found at Groundscare Products.
Cable Detector

Cable Detector Hire

This cable detector traces the presence of underground services e.g. electricity cables.

Use the cable detector as a sensible precaution prior to digging.

  • Power Mode - for detecting live imbalanced cables to 3 metres.
  • Radio Mode - for detecting re-radiated radio signals to 2 metres
  • Generator Mode - for detecting conductors carrying the signal generated by the C.Scope Signal Generator or from the Sonde Transmitter to 3 metres
  • Shock resistant
  • Batteries 8 x AA (IEC type LR6), Typical life - 40 hours
  • Weight 3.0 kgs (including batteries),
  • Moisture/dust resistant to IP65
Reinforcing Bar

Reinforcing Bar

(Hilti PS20)

Surveying Equipment Rental Prices (Excl. VAT)
Item 4 hour1 Day2 Days3 DaysWeekWeekend
Anemometer Air Flow LCA 6000£POA£POA£POA£POA£POA£POA
Cable Avoidance Tool (CAT PLUS)£35£43£61£76£85£55
Cable Avoidance Tool (CAT)£35£43£61£77£85£55
Cover Locator£18£22£30£38£42£27
Fall Arrest Kit, (tripod, harness, winch, gas detector)£180£180£180£180£180£180
Hilti PS20 Reinforcing Bar & Power Cable Detector£21£25£35£44£49£33
Pipe Tracer for non-metallic pipes (needs CAT & drain rods)£9£11£14£17£20£14
Plastic Pipe tracer, 50m (requires CAT & Genny)£46£59£80£104£114£75
Signal Generato,c-scope SG-A£25£32£43£54£62£40
Surveyor's Level, Automatic, with tripod & staff£23£29£39£49£55£37
Surveyor's Level, Lazer, with tripod & staff£46£59£80£104£114£75
Thickness Gauge, Intrinsically Safe Ultrasonic£126£126£126£126£168£126
ZipLevel Pro 2000 Basic digital survey level£29£36£49£64£70£45
ZipLevel Pro 2000 digital survey level£34£41£59£74£81£53
Ziplevel Pro 2000£34£41£59£74£81£53
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